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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What does this app do?

    A. makes it easy for you to highlight your best customer reviews and showcase them right on your product page. This social proof boosts conversion rates and makes your store stand out!

    To see how it works, watch this short demo video below:

    Q. Do you have any examples?

    A. You can check out examples on our demo store here: Demo Store

    Q. How much does this cost?

    A. We have several pricing plans with free 7 day trials! To learn more view our plans here.

    Q. I have a question, how do I contact someone?

    A. Check out our contact page! We're always ready to answer any questions.

    Q. I'm having an issue with billing

    A. We are integrated with Shopify's Payment system! If you have a problem during checkout, please contact's Shopify's support team.

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